Artist’s Statement


Susan S. McDonald






How is it that we ignore the essential earth around us while professing that we love and cherish nature? These paintings explore the relationship of a small dragonfly and the modern world around us by covering the pattern of the dragonfly wing with geometric shapes. Yet, even when the pattern of the wing is nearly completely covered, the texture permeates the paint that obscures it, rendering the wing a persistent reminder of the dragonfly.

Each painting is an overlay of two worlds. One world is of the mind, geometric ideas and patterns, a world created by human intelligence. The other world is natural, with biologically derived shapes and forms. Each world tells us something new about the other. Each one both hides, and simultaneously reveals, something new about the other. This relationship between the natural and the human becomes the new subject.

The colors are evocative. They create a balancing of attraction and separation, like two magnets at once of equal poles and then of unequal poles. The image of the dragonfly wing and the geometric overlay struggle for dominance. Though the dragonfly wing is often forced farther into the distance, it often sneaks back into the foreground in a mysterious textural presence that dominates the surface from beneath. “So, what is this new subject?” you may ask. I can’t really tell you. It comes from my deep love of all things wild, and my questions about the tyranny of modern culture. It is expressed in the medium of paint that is my primary form of communication.  We all coexist with the dilemmas of the 21st century, and it is the struggle between the natural world and human invention which
conflicts all of us.



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